Private Consultation

One on One Consultation – $50.00 (per consultation, allow up to 1.5hrs, venue: Stortford Lodge area, Hastings (my Consult Space), includes choosing or creating meditation beads (using natural stone beads), affirmations A5 card and hand-outs.

Gain a greater understanding of the positive effects of practicing mindfulness, and mind power.  Learn to embrace self-love, a healthy self-image, and self-acceptance in a world that can seem overwhelming and negative at times.  Elisha will guide you on this journey, and help you gain knowledge on how to bring mindfulness into your home, where your children and loved ones can benefit.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.  What we think, we become” Siddhartha Gautama. 


  • Acquire knowledge to create a positive mindset.
  • Gain an introduction to mindfulness and meditation.
  • Learn the power of your mind, areas of your brain and thought patterns.
  • Create or choose your own meditation beads to help you stay anchored.

Knowledge is key, the best project you’ll ever work on is YOU.