Knowledge Links

Knowledge and Conscious AWARENESS is key. Read books, listen and watch anything that teaches you something new about yourself and how you function within, learn from inspirational self-help and expert speakers. The more you learn and explore, the more you (and your mindset) grows.


  1. Dr Joe Dispenza – Understanding how our Mind work & master of neuro plasticity
  2. John Kehoe – MIND POWER (Highly recommend his free intro course or book – life changing)
  3. Robin Sharma – Excellent Speech to understand neuro plasticity
  4. Upgrade your mindset – John Assaraf
  5. Reset your MINDSET with Mel Robbins
  6. INFINITE WATERS WISDOM – Its already started but people don’t see it
  7. Activate Your Subconscious With This | “This goes directly to your subconscious” – Dandapani
  8. Learning to love yourself – Bruce Lipton / The Power Of Consciousness
  9. Unlock your brains superpowers
  10. HEAL – recommended documentary currently on Netflix. Heal your body from within.
  11. Emotion Documentary explains how negative emotions can get stuck in the body.
  12. Break your negative thoughts Marissa Peer
  13. Healing illness with the sub conscious mind. Danna Pycher
  14. If you understand this, you can achieve anything.
  15. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Circumstances! (Law Of Attraction) or How the Mind Influences Reality (law of attraction)
  16. The Power of Meditation with Andy Puddicombe / All it takes is 10 mindful minutes Andy Puddicombe (Founder of Headspace meditation app)
  17. BREATHE Awareness 7 Minute Guided Breathing MeditationCaroline McCready

MOTIVATIONAL AUDIOS/VIDEOS – listen to these on a regular basis, while walking, in the car, getting ready for work etc

  1. 1% are doing this everyday| Reprogram Your Subconscious Mindexplains how to use your mala meditation beads.
  2. 7 Things you should never apologise for.
  3. Overcome Depression & Anxiety – Motivational Video (7mins)
  4. THE Greatest Speech Ever Oprah Winfrey
  5. You are being Brainwashed by the News and Media.


  1. Growing up Stressed or Growing up Mindful (Ted)
  2. The Power of Mindfulness
  3. Self-Transformation Through Mindfulness
  4. How mindfulness meditation redefines pain, happiness & satisfaction
  5. Using Mindfulness to Choose Love Over Fear


  1. Sherrie Online ProgramsEmotional Intelligence.
  2. John Kehoe – Mind Power (Highly Recommended website, speaker, author)
  3. – Yin Yoga, various yoga classes to try at home, as well as wellness documentaries and meditations.
  4. Sit Down and Reflect: Meditation For Beginners – excellent resource.