Choose a quote (words) from any of the pictures displayed throughout this website, or via the affirmations list as per link. Order for yourself or as a special unique gift for a loved one.

Each Meditation Beads come with:

  • Natural stone or glass chakra coloured beads and charm.
  • An instruction card explaining how to use your beads.
  • An A5 Affirmations card with positive I AM …. affirmations to hang on your wall, fridge or anywhere you can view each day.

STANDARD AFFIRMATION (SEE LINK FOR OPTIONS) – NZ$15.00 or CUSTOM MADE NZ$20.00 (your own personal words or photo of a loved one).  Full payment details will be provided via email /  Postage $4.50 (tracked non-rural postage) / Can collect from Hastings NZ.

Mini Meditation Beads are designed to be small so you can hold them in your hand or keep in your pocket. Use them at anytime as a reminder to affirm positive words to yourself, to reiterate that you are unique and special. Affirmations are positive statements that specifically help to interrupt the negative thought patterns or emotions you may have about yourself.  Each bead represents a full breath in and out, as you turn each bead you repeat your positive affirmation out loud or in your head. The more you voluntarily plant these into your subconscious mind, the more your mind will begin to accept them as truth. Repetition is KEY.

TO ORDER – complete the form below as an initial inquiry, after which time you will receive an email to acquire further information regarding your order request.