Self-Empowering & Mindfulness Workshop

Workshop to help adults embrace self-love, a healthy self-image, and most important self-acceptance in a world that can seem overwheming and negative at times.  “To fall in love with yourself, is the first step towards happiness” Robert Morely. 


  • Empower yourself by acquiring knowledge to create a positive mindset and reality.
  • Gain an introduction to Mindfulness.
  • Learn the power of your mind and thought patterns.
  • Learn to meditate or rest your mind in your own private space and why this is an essential tool to bring into your daily life.
  • Create your own meditation (mala 108x) beads to stay on track.
  • Take home mini relaxation beads, hand outs and positive pendants.

Knowledge is key, the best project you’ll ever work on is YOU. This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to seek a positive path forward.

COST: $28.00 pp, 2pm to 4.45pm @ the Heretaunga Women’s Centre in Hastings.


  • Saturday 25th May
  • Sunday 16th June
  • Saturday 27th July
  • Sunday 18th August
  • Saturday 21st September

Text/message: 021 101 7969 (N.Z) to book a space or email:




  • wow, an amazing experience! I loved every minute of your workshop and highly recommend anyone who is thinking of attending. Thank you for the experience  namaste. Meggie W
  • Elisha has helped me see the light.  I had a bit of a rough year dealing with typical teenage problems had to make some changes. I’ve learnt that negative emotions are just a waste of air so decided that if I wanted to feel better I had to change my thoughts and with Elisha’s guidance I was able to do just that. I now live a beautiful life that revolves around self-love and gratitude. oh and I also love my jewellery and was even gifted a poster that has the BEST affirmations ever. I wake up every morning and there it is right in front of my face.  ALEX T
  • Thanks so much Elisha for a wonderful afternoon learning about mindfulness and meditation and making some wonderful jewellery. I LOVE my beads and know they will help me on my journey of self-love, gratitude and positivity xxx ANNIE F
  • Through your own personal journey, you are inspiring and empowering young girls, young women and even us older woman to celebrate our differences and become greater versions of ourselves. Thank you for being the amazing woman you are and running fun and creative workshops while delivering a powerful message of hope, acceptance and inspiration. You are a beautiful woman and the world is lucky to have you in it. Keep on doing what you do. TRU LENA T
  • Elisha’s mindful Jewellery was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Great information, inspiring story & lovely intro to meditation, mindfulness & jewellery making. I’ll go again. TRACEY M
  • Well worth doing just to make your own things. Her range of beads, charms and sheer helpfulness is amazing. I had so much fun making my own mala beads. Thank you! JULIET




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