A wee bit about me …

About me ….

I started my jewellery business 5 years ago called Hope Jewellery, which started as a hobby and soon became charity based, creating custom-made keepsakes for families whose children had gained their wings. After volunteering for various charities such as CanTeen H.B , Child Cancer H.B and Starlit Hope, I gained a great sense of gratitude for life and a need to help others through RAKS (random acts of kindness), which set me on a journey to help young adults through my self-empowering workshops.

Over the past few years I have gained teaching certificates in Mindfulness, Yin Yoga,  Pilates and Paddle Boarding and have changed the focus of my jewellery to concentrate on messages of encouraging self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

In the past, I have had my own issues with self-esteem, self-doubt & feelings of shame about my body and self-image which resulted in weight loss surgery. I was unaware at the time that my issues were deeper within, and were formed by habitual negative patterns & beliefs, which I had created within my mind many years prior. From my connection with nature (Paddle Boarding), and my practice of Yin Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and acquiring on-going knowledge, I have over the years learnt to love myself from the inside out, as well as adjusted my perception of myself to embrace self-love and self-acceptance fully.

I also have two beautiful daughters 18 and 20, both who went through personal struggles in High School and starting University.  I have seen positive changes in my daughters from practicing what I have learnt on my journey. As a mother I can understand the many challenges our teenagers face, in particular with today’s technology and social media world.  I’d like to share my positive jewellery, my mindfulness journey, and be an open book for young people who would like to feel more positive, non-judged and 100% themselves in my presence.

Namaste Elisha x