Empower ME, MYSELF & I create unique positive pendants and calming meditation tools, as well as provide strategies to be mindful daily, to be kinder to yourself and to understand your inner self on a much deeper level.  

Start downloading positive wisdom into your glorious brain today.  Links to amazing mentors are just a click away – KNOWLEDGE LINKS and MEDITATION LINKS .  Be Positive, Be Kind, Be Grateful, Be Empowered and Love yourself 100%.  

“It is ironic that the moment you can accept yourself as you are, you can easily change yourself and become something different.  So long as you dislike yourself it is difficult to change, for it is self-acceptance at the deepest level which frees us to move on.  Take the pressure off.  You don’t have to be anybody other than yourself.  Once you accept yourself, you can explore some of the other “selves” (me myself and i) you might want to become.” (Mind Power, John Kahoe)